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Winter in Korea: Top 5 Destinations

Traditionally, Winter in Korea, and around the word in general, was a harsh and rough time. In modern times, Winter is a festive time of year that many people around the world look forward to. It’s a time to share with  friends, family, and also hear Mariah Carey’s “All I want For Christmas” (unfortunately) everywhere…


Save Up To $200 In December!

Receive A Discount Of Up To $200 In December If you book 3 or more touring days that occur between December 1st to December 14th, we will give you a $100 discount on your booking! If you refer a friend who also books a 3 day tour that occurs between December 1st to 14th, receive an additional…


2019 Korea Autumn Foliage Forecast

Korea Autumn Foliage season has officially kicked off! Soeraksan Mountain is the first place in Korea you can see foliage. The foliage has already started appearing at Seoraksan Mountain and will be in peak by the middle of October. Seoraksan Mountain is the most popular place in Korea for foliage and gets tens of thousands…


Gyernamari: Easy does it

Bored of alternating between hard boiled, sunny-side up or scrambled eggs? Spice it up by making Korea’s rolled egg omelette, or gyeran-mari. The eggs are beaten, and then rolled in layers while cooking.   The most common fillings are seaweed rolls or ham and frozen vegetables and it may require a bit of a practice…


Hallim Park : The Haven of Beauteous Gardens

If you are fond of beauteous gardens, magnificent flower exhibits, caves, also doing some fun recreational activities and dance in colorful festivals, Hallim Park is one of the most rewarding place to go. Hallim Park will never become as one of the top-visited places in Jeju if it isn’t as beautiful as you think it…


The Gravity Defying Road of Jeju Island

Everyone who passes through the mysterious road of Jeju, really thinks that something enigmatic is happening! Is it witchcraft or some kind of strange magic? What form of sorcery could this be? If you think it is, you’ve been tricked! Have you ever seen things move uphill instead down? Objects and liquid seem to roll…


Dongtaejeon is soft, tender and easy to make

A first bite of the dongtaejeon belies the charm of the pollock fish. While its taste is stronger than its white-fish counterparts (but still within the range of neutral), elsewhere in the world pollock is used as a substitute to cod (think fish and chips). Korea’s dongtaejeon is dipped first in beaten eggs, then coated…