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Ojingeochae-muchim: a spicy, chewy treat

Dried squid may be a little hard to munch on, especially since the fresh version may be too much of a chewy adventure. But ojingeochae-muchim is an especially delicious side dish which you can also add to your already burgeoning lunchbox should the mood for spicy banchans hit. This is spicy, and a good fit…


The best musical stereotype: Nanta Musical

If you’re a huge a fan of musicals, theater acts and operas, this unique and beautiful concept by Nanta Show; the longest running show in the entire history of Korea will surely make you fall in love with the kitchen, and probably inspire you to use your kitchen utensils as improvised musical instruments. This award…


COEX Mall: The Mall that Has it All

Ever wanted to experience shopping raised to the higher level? I mean to the lower level since it is an underground shopping mall. Renowned as the largest underground shopping mall in Asia, Starfield COEX Mall will surely offer everything your fashionista heart, and even the inner child within you desires! Home to hundreds of clothing…


The Sacred Mountain of Taebaeksan

One of the the three sacred mountains of Korea, Taebaeksan Mountain National Park, is also a list topper when it comes to the best mountains to trek, hike, explore, and experience the great splendor of Nature. Are you ready for a long trek, and to stop your breath? Taebaeksan features several high peaks, yet easy…


Korean-Chinese fusion dish kkanpunggi

The garlic is one of the age-old ingredient favorites across the globe as this bulb from the onion family provides excitement to an otherwise bland meal. Pungent when fresh, the garlic smells enticing when cooked to perfection – or fried in butter. In the kkanpunggi (spicy garlic fried chicken) of Korea, garlic is central to…


The mountain of Many Secrets

Naejangsan, called as “Geumgangsan of Honam” for the fascinating sight of the mountain during autumn, and also referred as the mountain of many secrets (for naejang means many secrets), is a famous mountain in the Jeolla-do province, and the best mountain in Korea for viewing autumn’s purple-ish red colours. The park is 76,032 sq. km.…


China within Korea: Incheon’s China Town

Ni Hao! Let’s explore little China seated within Incheon where you can find so many things to see, and of course to eat! Korea’s only Chinatown, and also the largest one, Incheon’s China Town features an 11-meter high Chinese style gateway or paifang. Back then, space is intended for trading Chinese goods, where stores and…


Everything Kimchi: Museum Kimchikan

You’ll probably go crazy over kimchi while exploring this food museum that’s exclusive only for Kimchi. Considered as Korea’s most staple food, kimchi has become a trademark to the Korean food culture. The Museum Kimchikan or formerly known as the Kimchi Museum, is no doubt hailed as one of the best food museums in the…