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Don’t entrust your Korea tours with just anybody. Above all, choose the agency with the longest track record of excellence. Because of our dedication to service, This is Korea Tours has received the “Certificate of Excellence Award on Tripadvisor for 6 years in a row!

In addition to being the original, we believe we are still certainly the best company for all Korea tours. Of course, don’t just  take our word for it. Over 1200 Tripadvisor users who used our services and gave us 5 star reviews are saying the same thing: This is Korea Tripadvisor Profile Page

In addition to our customized tour, we now offer group tours you can join. Traveling alone? With friends? With family? On a tight budget? No problem. Whatever your needs, we now have you fully covered!

Choose The Service That’s Right for You:

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Custom Private Driving Tours
(Licensed Guide & Private Vehicle)

Private guided tour with a licensed guide and fully customized itinerary.

Walking Tours
(Professional Guide)

Sightseeing while walking several hours

Popular Private Tours
(Licensed Guide & Private Vehicle)

Private guided tour with a licensed guide and pre-set itinerary.

Seasonal Tours

Experience the magic of nature's changing hues

Winter Youth Olympics

Are you planning a tour in Seoul?
“This Is Korea” is the answer.

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2024 Spring Splendor in Korea: Blossom-filled Adventures Await

A Palette of Blossoms: Discovering Korea in Spring Jinhae gunhang Town History   Jinhae Gunhang Town is a historic district located in Changwon, South Korea. It was once the site of a Japanese naval base during the Japanese occupation of Korea (1910-1945). The town is now a popular tourist destination, known for its cherry blossoms, colonial…

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Winter(2023 Dec. ~ 2024 Feb.) is the best season, the best season and the best way to enjoy skiing in Korea.

The best season and the best way to enjoy skiing in Korea – Especially January is good for skiing As winter comes and the temperature drops, Korea’s ski resorts become filled with laughter and romance. One of the best ways to enjoy winter in Korea is to ski at one of the country’s ski resorts.…

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Let’s go on a fantastic 2023 Jeju Island trip, recognized by UNESCO!

Haenyeo – Women Divers of Jeju Island – South Korea Be sure to include women divers in your 2023 itinerary of Jeju Island trip. Jeju Island’s Women divers (Haenyeo) were registered by UNESCO in 2016. To make a living, they dive to a depth of 10 meters without wearing oxygen mask for divers to collect…

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