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This is Korea was founded on the belief that when it comes to South Korea tours, visitors deserve better. There were private tours available when we started back in 2014, but we were the first to offer private tours in South Korea with flexible itineraries, free photo service, and absolutely no compulsory shopping whatsoever. In the beginning, we only offered custom, private tours. But now, we offer tours of all types: https://thisiskoreatours.com/korea-tours/

This is Korea has been the #1 most awarded on Tripadvisor since 2014 and been awarded Tripadvisor’s “Certificate of Excellence” badge for 6 years running. Importantly, this award is only given to reputable agencies with a consistent and long proven track record. No agency is as reputable and has a longer track record of excellence that This is Korea has. For good reason, we have been awarded the most badges on Tripdavisor.

Our motto is we go where you want, when you want, at the pace you want. We offer you complete freedom and flexibility while guiding you through Korea in an efficient manner that is impossible to achieve on your own. Our private tour guides offer their knowledge and expertise to let you enjoy your custom made tour in Korea.

Above all, our commitment to excellence and level of service is unparalleled. There is a good reason why we have been the #1 awarded South Korea  tour company on Tripadvisor since our inception in 2014.

What we offer:

Firstly, all of our tour specialists are knowledgeable locals who know their way around Korea. Secondly, our tour specialists speak English or Mandarin. Having an English or Mandarin speaking expert local is invaluable when traveling in Korea. In other words, you can then travel more efficiently, comfortably, and explore Korea just like a true local! You will also never worry about getting ripped off by a greedy shop or restaurant owner when traveling with our tour specialists. Therefore, you can just relax and enjoy your South Korea tours.

We have had a lot of success during our nearly 7 years in business thanks to our wonderful clients. However, our success has led to the creation of many copycat agencies. Moreover, we understand and appreciate that you have choices and we hope you give us an opportunity to prove why we are the best choice out there. 

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