Chapter 1. General Terms

Article 1. Purpose

The purpose of these Terms and Conditions of Jungil Tour co. Electronic Financial Transactions is to set forth relationship between the Company and Users about Electronic Financial Transaction, with respect to the user’s use of Paypal provided through internet website ( hereinafter “Website”) operated by Jungil Tour co. (“Company”).

Article 2. Definitions

The following terms used in this Terms and Conditions shall have the following meanings.

1. “Electronic Financial Transaction” or “EFT” shall mean any transaction where the Company provides electronic financial service through electronic devices, which is used by the Users in an automated manner without personally facing or directly communicating with employees of the Company.

2. “Electronic Payment Transaction” or “EPT” means an electronic financial transaction where a person who makes a payment (“Payor”) allows the Company to use electronic payment method and transfer the payment to a person who receives the payment (“Payee”).

3. “Electronic Device” means a device used in electronically transmitting or processing electronic financial transaction information, including without limitation, automatic cash dispenser, automatic teller machine, payment terminal, computer, telephone or other devices which electronically transmits or processes information.

4. “Access Media” refers means or information used for Transaction Instruction in EFT or ensuring veracity and accuracy of transaction details, and set forth in Article 2 Item 10 of the Electronic Financial Transaction Act, including electronic cards or equivalent electronic data (including credit card information), certificate under Digital Signature Act, user number registered with financial institutions or electronic financial businesses, User’s bio information or passwords required for use of such means or information.

5. “User Number” means any combination of numbers and characters selected by User and approved by the Company for the purpose of identifying such User and using the Service.

6. “Password” means any combination of numbers and characters selected by a User and approved by the Company for the purpose of identifying such User and protecting user information.

7. “Transaction Instruction” means User’s instruction to a financial institution or an electronic financial company to process EFT in accordance with an EFT agreement.

8. “Error” means any case where EFT was not made in accordance with User’s Transaction Instruction or an ETF agreement without intentional or negligent act of User.

9. Unless otherwise defined in this Article or other Articles of this Terms and Conditions, all terms shall be governed by relevant laws such as Electronic Financial Transaction Act.

Article 3. Presentation of and Amendment to Terms and Conditions

1. The Company shall post this Terms and Conditions to the site before the User makes EFT so that the User can check material parts of this Terms and Conditions.

2. The Company, upon the User’s request, shall distribute (including transmission via email) a copy of this Terms and Condition to the User in the form of electronic document.

3. In the event the Company amends this Terms and Conditions, the Company shall notify Users by posting such amended Terms and Conditions, by no later than one month prior to effective date thereof, on the screen where financial transaction information is entered and on the Company’s website.

Article 4. Company’s Liability

1. The Company shall be liable for any damages or losses incurred to the User arising from accidents caused by falsification or forgery of Access Media (only if the Company is the issuer, user or administrator of the Access Media) or in the course of electronically transmitting or processing execution of agreement or Transaction Instruction.

2. Notwithstanding the preceding Section above, the Company shall not be responsible for damages or losses to the User in any of the following cases:

A. Damages or losses were incurred to the User due to forgery or falsification of Access Media of which the Company is not the issuer.

B. The User lends, granted to any third parties use of, or offered for the purpose of transfer or provision as security, Access Media, or he/she disclosed or neglected his Access Media even though he/she knew or should have known that a third party may make EFTs by using the User’s Access Media without authorization.

C. Notwithstanding the User’s Transaction Instruction, the Company shall not be responsible for any delay or failure to process EFT Service in the event of a force majeure event such as natural disasters, blackouts, fire, network interference or other events beyond control of the Company; provided that the Company notified the User of the reason for such delay or failure (including notification to the User by financial institution or payment medium issuer or online distributors)

3. In the event the Company temporarily suspends EFT Service for maintenance or replacement of information and communications equipments or facilities, it shall notify Users of such interruption period and reasons therefor in advance on its website.

Article 5. Dispute Resolution and Mediation

1. A User may request dispute resolution such as damage claims, raise opinions and complaints related to EFTs to the person in charge and the dispute resolution manager specified in the bottom of main page of the Company’s website.

2. In the event the User has applied for such dispute resolution to the Company, the Company shall notify the User of the results of its investigation or resolution of the dispute within fifteen (15) days.

3. If the User objects to the result of the Company’s dispute resolution, he or she may apply for dispute mediation to either the Financial Disputes Mediation Committee of the Financial Supervisory Service under Article 51 of the Act on Establishment of Financial Services Commission or the Consumer Dispute Settlement Commission of the Korea Consumer Agency under Article 31 Paragraph 1 of the Framework Act on Consumers, in connection with use of the Company’s EFT Service

Article 6. (The Company’s Duty of Security)

In furtherance of ensuring security and reliability for EFTs, the Company complies with standards set forth by Financial Supervisory Commission in relation to IT and electronic financial business such as human resources, facilities, Electronic Devices for electronic transmission or processing.

Article 7. (Rules Other than Terms and Conditions)

Any matters not set forth herein (including definition of terms) shall be governed by consumer protection-related laws, such as Electronic Financial Transaction Act, Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc., E-Commerce Act, and Specialized Credit Financial Business Act, and separate terms and conditions.

Article 8. Jurisdiction

Any dispute between the Company and Users shall be submitted to applicable jurisdiction pursuant to the Civil Procedure Act.

Chapter 2. Paypal

Article 9. Definition

“PayPal” is an electronic commerce (e-commerce) company that facilitates payments between parties through online funds transfers. PayPal allows customers to establish an account on its website, which is connected to a user’s credit card or checking account.

Article 10. Security

1. The Company use PayPal to provide the highest level of security for payments processed through this website. PayPal ensures user’s security by encrypting the connection when transmitting banking information on the network, and by safeguarding user’s financial data throughout the ordering and payment process.

2. If the security department suspects fraud, the Company has the right to cancel the transaction for security reasons. In most cases, users will be notified of authorization or fraud issues, before users complete the check-out process.

3. Orders from the website may be paid using credit card, debit card, or PayPal. Users’ credit card data is only sent securely to PayPal and is not seen by the Company. For details of PayPal security see

Article 11. Refund

The Company shall refund according to Paypal refund system to users who accords with the Company’s cancellation policy. The money should be back to user’s PayPal balance or on user’s credit card. Temporary hold: If user’s refund status is “held,” it means the transaction was refunded before it has cleared user’s bank. This process takes 3 to 5 business days to complete, and the refund will be credited to user’s balance once the process is completed.

Article 12. Cancellation Policy

When you pay fee via This is Korea Tours directly, deposits are fully refundable if tour is cancelled within 15 days or more, cancellations within 14 days or less will result in forfeit of deposit.

When you pay fee via OTA’s (i.e. Viator, GetYourGuide ), cancellation fee of 100% is charged if cancelled 2 days or less before the event, cancellation fee of 50% is charged if cancelled 3 ~ 14days before the event, cancellation fee of 0% is charged if cancelled 15 days and more before the event

Supplementary Provisions

Chapter 1. (Effective date)
This agreement shall go into effect on Sep 4, 2023.

Chapter 2. (Effective date)
This agreement shall go into effect on Sep 4, 2023.