Visitors strolling through a garden at Oedo Botania.

Oedo Botania Description

Oedo Botania is a marine botanical garden located in Hallyeo Maritime National Park. It has a beautiful view of the crystal blue South Sea and surrounding landscape. It is 4 kilometers from Geojedo Island. About 20 minutes by ship from Gujora Port, past Naedo Island lies the European-like Oedo Island. In 1969, Lee Chang-ho first came to this island to escape from the wind and waves as he was fishing. He and his wife created this breathtaking landscape with all the care for 30 years.

The island is covered with a plethora of flowers during April. Therefore, April is a great time to visit. The Venus Garden displays twelve sculptures and a western-style garden. At Paradise Lounge, one can enjoy the sunshine, sea, and beverages. Camellias and various kinds of rare flowers from all over the world can be found in Oedo. When coming down the ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ visitors can view the beautiful garden and the ocean in the background. Magnificent terrace landscaping line both sides of the stairway. Oedo Paradise Island is without a doubt, a true paradise. In conclusion, Oedo Botania is a beautiful place to visit.


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Operating Hours 
Winter Season 08:30-17:00
Summer Season 08:00-19:00


Seollal & the day before Seollal


Admission Fees 
Adults: 11,000KRW

Students: 8,000KRW

Children: 5,000KRW