Murals on the walls of houses in Dongpirang Mural Village.

Dongpirang Mural Village Description

The word “Dongpirang” is made of two words. Firstly, “Dong”, means east. Secondly, “Birang”, means hill in a Tongyeong dialect. The city of Tongyeong gathered artists from all over the country to paint the murals. As a result, this hillside village on the sea has been revitalized. The view overlooking sea of Gangguan Port is fantastic as well.

Take a stroll around Dongpirang Mural Village, absorbing a wealth of vibrant and inspirational murals. Saved from destruction and redevelopment in 2007 by a planned campaign to paint the village walls, today the site draws a healthy contingent of curious tourists. See the result of this passionate civic effort, with works by art students and locals covering wide swathes of wall space. Bring along your camera to capture the images, as some are interactive and form entertaining images when posed against.


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