Gangguan Port Turtle Ship (Geobukseon)

Geobukseon Description

Geobukseon translates to “Turtle Ship. It is a life-size reconstruction of a Geobukseon and located in Gangguan Harbor. It was constructed by the South Korean Navy and commissioned by the Seoul Metropolitan Government so as to celebrate Admiral Chungmugong Lee Sun-Sin. The project cost 2.2-billion-won. First, the ship was built in the downstream area of the Hangang River. (part of the DMZ) This part of the river previously had limited public access because of the division of the split between North and South Korea. After that, the area was opened to the public for the first time in 52 years. (since the division of the peninsula) As a result, this allowed the Geobukseon Ship to travel from Hangang Park to Tongyeong-si, the location of Admiral Lee’s victory in the Great Battle Hansan .

The original version of the Geobukseon was first written about in the early 1400’s. These ships were known as Gwiseon. However, these ships fell out of favor because of a prolonged time of peace. The type of turtle ship we know today was designed and used by Admiral Lee in the battles against Japan from 1592 to 1598. The ship was  armed with five different types of cannons. More importantly. the turtle shell design helped in defense against enemy fire. Admiral Lee went undefeated in these turtle ships. He won 16 of 16 battles.


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