Hamyang Terraces Fields

Hamyang-gun is located at the end of the southern part of Gyeongnam Province and borders Jeollabuk-do. Half of the main range of Baekdudaegan encircles Hamyang-gun. Two national parks, Jirisan and Deoguysan, which belong to Baekdudaegan, as well as fifteen peaks rising over 1,000m are located in Hamyang-gun. 

Owing to significance of Baekdudaegan and the steep mountainous area around it, Hamyang-gun has been protected from indiscriminate development, enabling it to preserve its pristine valleys and natural beauty. It is now attracting agreat deal of attention as a beautiful new tourist spot. 

The ‘daraknon’ or terraced fields in Macheon Region have been built there since ancient times as there is insufficient farmland in the region due to the steepness of the terrain around Jirisan. The villagers of Macheon have continued building up stone walls to create terraces for farming purposes for thousands of years. 

In early autumn, when the rice plants start to ripen, the golden rice fields reflected by sunlight create a stunningly beautiful scenic view in harmony with their natural surroundings. Some 300 terraced fields have been constructed in Hamyang-gun, the most beautiful of which are located along Jirisan Dulle-gil No. 4 (Geumgye-Donggang) towards the Donggang River, covering a distance of 1km. Other beautiful terraced fields are located in Gunja-ri, right after passing Macheon.