Children picking Jeju Mandarins at a farm.

Jeju Mandarin Picking Experience Description

With such an important role in the island’s economy and culture, it is no surprise that more and more tourists want to get out and experience Jeju Mandarin picking themselves, and there are many places to do so, often at a low price. If you go, you not only get to eat as much as you want, but you take home whatever you pick. The basic price normally includes 1 or 2 kilograms to take home, with any more being of additional cost.

Jeju Mandarins are in season during Winter from December to March during Winter. You may think to yourself that it might be too cold to visit an island during Winter. However, unlike rest of Korea, Jeju Winters are more bearable.

The cost of picking Jeju Mandarin varies. In general, expect to pay about 3,000KRW per kilogram to take with you. You are limited to how much you can take with you, but most farms allow to eat as much as you want while picking. Be sure to take advantage of this and fill up!


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