flowers on Udo Island

Udo Island Desription

Udo Island is situated off the eastern coast of Jeju Island and was named because it resembles a lying cow. It boasts fertile soil, abundant schools of fish, and scenic sights. The island contains local heritages(female divers, stone walls, and stone tombs) and natural beauty The island is also full of amenities and tourism outlets. This includes fishing, bike trails, sand massages, submarine tours and cruises.

Seobin Baeksa, a white sand beach. has appeared regularly in films and TV commercials thanks to its breathtaking white sand and emerald sea. The sea around the beach showcases different colors depending on the water level. This makes Seobin Baeksa one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jeju-do. It is up there with Hallasan Mountain. Udong peak is the highest spot on the island and is 132.5 meters high. A lighthouse surrounded by a spacious park is located at the top. The peak offers outstanding views of the island.

Bukjeju County designated two ports (Udo Port and Haumokdong Port) as Udo Maritime Park in January 2001.This was done to protect the nature and promote maritime tourism. Visitors can appreciate maritime tourism at its best including a trip under the sea by submarine.


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N/A (Open all year round)


Admission Fees

Adult: 1,000KRW

Students (ages 14-19): 500KRW

Children (ages 2-13): Free