Gyeongju national museum

Gyeongju National Museum Description

Gyeongju National Museum is steeped in tradition. It Represents Gyeongju, which was the capital city of the Silla Kingdom. (57 BC – AD 935) The museum is where you can view the cultural history of Gyeongju district. There are 4 main exhibition areas: Main hall, Annex I, Annex II, and the Outdoor Exhibit Area.(Museum Grounds)


You can see earthenware in the main hall. The arts and Crafts room contains various artworks and craftworks. There are over 600 artifacts in the Gukeun Memoria Hall. Dr. Lee Yang-Seon donated his personal collection for preservation. Gobun Gallery in Annex I displays artifacts from the great tombs of the city of Gyeongju. There are many glittering accessories, such as golden crowns and ornaments, belts, earrings, etc. The superb artistry of the Silla Period really comes out through these artifacts.

Approximately 30,000 artifacts have been excavated from Wolji Pond. Wonji Gallery in Annex 2 contains the most significant of these artifacts. Other galleries in Annex 2 exhibit household goods. Aspects of life in the Royal Court during the Silla Period can be seen through these artifacts. The Outdoor Exhibit Area contains King Seongdeok’s Bell. The bell is the most renowned of all Buddhist temple bells. There is also a variety of artifacts from royal palaces and temples exhibited throughout the grounds. Buddhist sculptures make up the majority of the stone artifacts. If you are a traveler interested in Buddhism or the magnificent culture of royal palaces, this is a place you do not want to miss.


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Operating Hours

Tuesday to Friday & Sundays: 9:00am to 6:00pm

Saturdays & National Holidays: 9:00am to 7:00pm

Saturdays (March to December): 9:00am to 9:00pm

*Last admission is 30 minute before closing.



Mondays & New Year’s Day
*In the case of a national holiday falling on Monday, the museum is open on the holiday and closes the following Tuesday instead.



Free of Charge with the exception of certain special exhibitions