Onyang Hot Springs

Onyang Hot Springs is the oldest hot spring in Korea, founded about 1,300 years old and has been operating as a hot spring for about 600 years. During the Joseon Period, it is recorded that King Sejong (reign 1418~1450) and many other kings came here to rest or treat their illnesses.

Onyang Hot Springs, with its water temperature at around 57℃, is considered hot even among hot springs. It has a high concentration of radium and its alkaline water is both high in quality and quantity. It is known to be effective in treating neuralgia, arthritis, skin problems, liver disease, high blood pressure, and various geriatric diseases. The combination of the quality of water and famous accommodations nearby has made this hot spring a hot item for many tourists. As there are 120 hotels and motels in this area, the whole city is sometimes known as a hot spring city. They also have swimming pools that are popular for using hot spring water. Every year over five million tourists are welcomed here.


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Oncheon-dong, Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do
충남 아산시 온천동