jirisan forest trails

At 1,915 meters, Jirisan Mountain is the second highest mountain in Korea after Jeju’s Hallasan Mountain (1,950 meters). True to its name (jiri literally means ‘a place where the foolish become wise’), Jirisan Mountain has long been a favorite locale for disciplining both the mind and the body. With 4,989 flora and fauna inhabiting its grounds, Jirisan is a treasure trove of nature. Various vegetation from warm-temperate forests and temperate central forests to cold forests populate the mountain.

Jirisan National Park, the largest national park in Korea, stretches across five cities and counties (Gurye-gun, Namwon-si, Sancheong-gun, Hadong-gun, Hamyang-gun). The Jirisan Forest Trail circles these five areas in as close approximation to the trail connecting these cities in the past. Trekkers along the path will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of trails, including mud trails, forest trails, riverside trails and more.

The Jirisan Forest Trail is divided into 22 sections, with each course offering a different landscape. The most popular course is the section between Inwol and Geumgye. This trail, while being rather difficult, has been featured in popular variety program “One Night, Two Days” thanks to its beautiful views.


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