Gwanghalluwon Garden, Korea

Originally known as Gwangtongnu, Gwanghalluwon Garden was built by Hwang Hui Jeongseung in 1419 during the reign of Joseon Dynasty’s King Sejong. Because of its outstanding beauty, Governor Jeong In-ji gave the garden the name ‘Gwanghallu’ in 1444, comparing it to a garden from the palace on the moon. It is famous as the location where Lee Mong-ryong and Chunhyang (two lovers from a well-known Korean folk story) first met. In the 1920’s Chunhyangsa Temple was established in the neighboring area and a portrait of Chunhyang was hung in a place of honor. The garden is the venue of the Chunhyangjae Festival every spring, celebrating the deep and lasting love of the famous couple. The area around Gwanghalluwon Garden is full of many attractions, includes Ojakgyo Bridge, symbolizing the bridge connecting Chilseok and Gyeonwu from the traditional story of Chilseok, as well as Chunhyang Hall, Wolmae-jip (house of Chunhyang’s mother), Wanwoljeong Pavilion, Yeongjugak Pavilion, Samsinsan and many other traditional buildings.


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1447, Yocheon-ro, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do
전라북도 남원시 요천로 1447 (천거동)


Operating Hours 
April-October: 08:00-20:00 (Free admission after 19:00)
November-March: 08:00-20:00 (Free admission after 18:00)


N/A (Open all year round)


Admission Fees 
Adults (ages 19-64): 2,500 won / Group: 2,000 won
Teenagers (ages 13-18): 1,500 won / Group: 1,000 won
Children (ages 7-12): 1,000 won / Group: 500 won
* Group: over 30 people
* Free admission: Children under 7 years of age, Seniors (ages 65 and older), persons with a disability (lvl. 4-6) plus one companion (lvl 1-3)