jeongbangsa temple

Located on a ridge of Sinseonbong Peak (845m) nearby Geumsusan mountain, Jeongbangsa Temple was founded by Buddhist monk, Uisangdaesa in the second year of King Munmu’s reign during the Silla Kingdom (662). Jeongbangsa Temple is a branch of the Beopjusa Temple located at Mt. Songnisan and is a well known oratory amongst Buddhists. The temple offers fantastic views of Chunpungho Lake that are said to calm and clear the mind. A unique feature is the mountain wall making up a portion of the temple roof.


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San 52-1, Neunggang-ri, Susan-myeon, Jecheon-si, Chungcheongbuk-do
충북 제천시 수산면 능강리 산52-1


Operating Hours 
08:00 – 17:30


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