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The original and still the best!

This is KOREA! Was founded on the belief that when it comes to South Korea tours, visitors to Korea deserve better. There were private tours available when we started back in 2013, but we were the first to offer private Seoul tours and South Korea tours with flexible itineraries, free photo service, and absolutely no compulsory shopping whatsoever.

We go where you want, when you want, at the pace you want. We offer you complete freedom and flexibility while guiding you through Korea in an efficient manner that is impossible to achieve on your own. Our private tour guides offer their knowledge and expertise to let you enjoy your custom made tour in Seoul or various Korea provinces.
Our commitment to excellence and level of service is unparalleled. There is a good reason why we have been the #1 ranked tour company in Korea since 2014.

What we offer:

Knowledgeable locals. All of our tour specialists are locals who know their way around Korea. Having an English or Mandarin speaking expert local is invaluable when traveling in Korea. You can then travel more efficiently and eat at all the real local restaurants just like a true local! You will also never worry about getting ripped off by a greedy shop or restaurant owner when traveling with our tour specialists. You can just relax and enjoy your South Korea tours.

Our success has led to the creation of many copycat agencies. We understand and appreciate that you have choices and we would like to help you to understand why we are the best choice out there. We have seen many other agencies come and go.

Why This is Korea?

Unparalleled reputation and dedication to service.

We have been ranked #1 on Tripadvisor for over 4 years and been awarded Tripadvisor’s “Certificate of Excellence” badge, only given to reputable agencies with a consistent and long proven track record. No agency is as reputable or has a longer track record of excellence that This is Korea has. We are #1 on Tripdavisor for good reason.

Stability and history.

We have seen many agencies come and go. Many of our clients book South Korea tours as far out as a year in advance. You can confidently book with a Seoul tour package or a Korea tour package and rest assure that we will still be around when you come to Korea. You can count on us.

Transparency and honesty.

There are some one man “agencies” who have one person handle consulting and tours under different names in order to have the appearance of a real agency. If someone is dishonest about their name, what else would they be dishonest about? You won’t find a single photo of any employees anywhere on their website or social media. All of our photos on our website and  Facebook page  are actual tour photos taken during our Seoul tours or Korea tours. You can also see here a video intro of some of our tour specialists. You can also view video reviews from our clients, and see more reviews on the testimonials page. See This is KOREA members hanging out on the This is KOREA fanpage

Dedicated and separate staff members for every phase of booking & tour.

There is a lot of work to tend to when putting together a tour from beginning to end. Doing consulting, scheduling, and guided Korea and Seoul tours can be very difficult for one, even two people to handle. Sure some small one man operations can offer lower rates since they are only paying themselves, but mistakes are likely and quality of service across every phase suffers. Rest assured we have dedicated staff specializing in their task and their task only. No distractions and the highest possible level of service and attention to detail will be provided from beginning to end. Our experienced, dedicated staff members are the most experienced in the industry. Let us help you put together a perfect South Korea tour in the most efficient manner. 

Competitive rates and no hidden costs.

Some agencies advertise low rates and add on extra costs to go to certain areas in Seoul or Gyeonggi (South Korea province). Our standard daily tour rate covers travel to ALL sites within Seoul/Gyeonggi. Some agencies will also offer to book hotels so they can make a commission. Please beware that agencies do not get discounts unless booking in bulk. No need for a middle man like us for booking hotels. Nowadays there are plenty of great deals online. Don’t be fooled by “all inclusive costs” and deceptive quoting practices. We are completely open and transparent with our pricing. 

You can be confident that you will have as much fun and make as many memorable memories as our 30,000 previous clients had! We are the best and most cost efficient private tour company in Korea. We are #1 on Tripadvisor (more positive reviews than all other agencies combined!) for good reason. 😉 Book a South Korea tour with us today. 

Seoul tours spot : the statue of Sejong the Great

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Interested in a private tour in South Korea?

To start planning your tour in South Korea, you can send an inquiry by clicking the inquiry tab. You can also call or email us directly at the phone numbers and email addresses listed here. 

We are in the office from 9:00am to 6:00pm local time. On weekends we are out of the office, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t hard at work to help make your tour of Korea perfect. We respond  remotely on weekends. In case of emergency, please call us. 

We can provide a Seoul city tour or a tour of any other province you wish to visit. We have the best private tour guides in Korea at our disposal to make sure your trip to Korea is an unforgettable experience!

When it comes to private tours in Korea, This is KOREA! is the name you can trust. We look forward to hearing from you, so we can get started on customizing your Korea tour package.