Yongduam Rock off the coast of northern Jeju.

Yongduam Rock Description

Yongduam Rock is also known as Dragon Head Rock and is situated to the north of Jeju City. It was created by strong winds and waves over thousands of years. However, there are plenty of other stories of how it came to be. One legend has it that a dragon stealing precious jade from Mt. Halla was shot down by an arrow from the mountain deity. When he fell down on Yongduam, his body immediately sank into the ocean and his head rapidly froze looking at the sky. Another legend has it that a white horse, who dreamed of being a dragon and ascending to the sky, was caught by a soldier and frozen into the rock.

Visitors can see Haeneo women divers catching seafood at Yongduam. Near the rock are various cafes, bars, and restaurants. The coastal road between Aewol-eup and Yongduam is a popular spot for couples. Cafes and seafood restaurants have gained popularity in the area in recent years and has formed a village of sorts.

Drinking a cup of coffee at a café and driving along the scenic coastal are popular activities at Yongduam. Visitors can also visit Iho Beach, Hagwi Coast, and Aewol Port. Aewol Port is also home to small seafood restaurants and fishing boats. Hyeopjae Beach is not too far from the port and is one of the most popular beaches on Jeju Island. Hyeopjae showcases has beautiful, crystal clear water and white sands to enjoy.

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