Sorae Fish Market, Incheon

The Sorae Fish Market is a small traditional salted fish market located on the southwest inlet of Incheon. The market welcomes over 3000 visitors during the weekdays, and offers a variety of salted foods and marine products including salted shrimps, salted octopus, salted yellow corvina intestines, salted herring and salted crab. Raw shrimp is especially popular during the Kimjang season (season when kimchi is prepared for the winter).

Peak seasons are June, August, and November, and even though it may seem exhausting to go during this time, it is highly recommended since the quality of fish is at its best.

There are also many hoe (raw fish) restaurants in the vicinity of the market and a number of raw fish eateries are located right inside the market as well.


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12, Soraeyeok-ro, Namdong-gu, Incheon
인천광역시 남동구 소래역로 12 (논현동)


Operating Hours 
9:00-21:00 (* Some stores may stay open later)


Open 365 days a year