Songgwangsa Temple

Songgwangsa Temple is located on the west side of Jogyesan Mountain, and is a famous sambosachal in Korea.Sambo means “three treasures” in Korean, and in Buddhism there is bulbo, beopbo, and seungbo. Songgwangsa Temple qualifies as a seungbo temple, which refers to the disciples and practicioners of Buddhism at the temple. The reason Songgwangsa Temple became a seungbo temple is because many high monks were produced from this temple.

The road to the temple is covered by beautiful tall trees. If you cross the valley from the road, a bridge called Cheongryanggak appears. On the bridge is a pavilion, where you can have a rest. Inside the temple, you can see the Daeungbojeon, the main building. This building has a roof shaped to look like it has two roofs. To one side of the main building is Jijangjeon Shrine, where there is a statue of Buddha, and Seungbojeon Shrine, which tells the world that this is a seungbo temple.

Songgwangsa Temple has three great treasures: the Bisari Gusi, Ssanghyangsu, and Neunggyeonnansa. Bisari Gusi is a rice container that was made from a large tree. It was used to store the rice for monks, and because it was so large, it contained enough rice for 4,000 monks. Ssanghyangsu refers to two large Chinese Juniper trees. Lastly, Neunggyeonnansa is a plate belonging to Songgwangsa Temple, and it was built with many intricate designs. Make time on your trip to see the many national treasures that are located here.


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100 Songgwangsaan-gil, Songgwang-myeon, Suncheon-si, Jeollanam-do
전라남도 순천시 송광면 송광사안길 100 (송광면)


Operating Hours 
Summer season 06:00-19:00
Winter season 07:00-18:00


N/A (Open all year round)


Admission Fees 
Individual: Adults 3,000 won / Students 2,000 won
Group (30 or more people): Adults 2,500 won / Students 1,500 won
* Free (ID required): Seniors (age 65 or older), People with disabilities, Children (age under 7)
* Students (ID required): Elementary, Middle, High school students