Samcheok Ocean railbike

Samcheok Ocean Rail Bike is Korea’s one and only ocean rail bike facility that offers a landscape view of black pines and bizarre rocks merged together. Its double-tracked route of 5.4km follows the beautiful shoreline of the East Sea with a tunnel along its way that entertains bikers with fascinating luminarie and laser shows, giving feelings as if it is passing through a mysterious underwater tunnel. The railbike course is perfect to enjoy unique and memorable experiences for families, friends and couples.



2, Gongyangwang-gil, Samcheok-si, Gangwon-do
강원도 삼척시 근덕면 공양왕길 2 (궁촌정거장)



Closed on every 18th of the month. (Exception: If 18th is a weekend, the following weekend will operate as a regular weekday)


Rental Fees 
[Daytime Operation]
Gungchon Station → Yonghwa Station/ Yonghwa Station→ Gungchon Station
2-person seater (individual) 20,000 won / (group) 18,000 won
4-person seater (individual) 30,000 won / (group) 27,000 won
[Evening Operation]
Gungchon Station→ Yonghwa Station / Yonghwa Station → Gungchon Station
2-person seater (individual) 22,000 won / (group) 20,000 won
4-person seater (individual) 33,000 won / (group) 30,000 won

※ One-way (corresponding)