Chiaksan national park.

Chiaksan National Park (치악산국립공원) was designated as a national park in December 1984. For years Chiaksan has inspired hikers with its towering mountain sides and magnificent deep valleys. Its was once referred to as “Jeokak,” but the name has since changed over time, due in large part to a mythical story. There once a man that rescued a pheasant from being eaten alive by a snake. When the man later found himself in danger, that pheasant saved his life in return. Because of this story the name became “Chiaksan.”

The temple connected to that story is Sangwonsa Temple. South of Sangwonsa Temple in Sangwon-gol is the Natural Monument Seonghwang Forest. To the west are Sejondae, Mangyeongdae and Mun Stone and Adeul (Son) stone. You can also see fortress walls from the myth of Jeonransa Temple such as Yeongwon Fortress, Haemi Fortress and Geumdu Fortress. Near the main peak Birobong is Seokgyeongsa Temple, where the soul of Ungok Won Cheon-Seok is said to be resting, and Ipseokdae, Sinseondae, Tejongdae and Nogoso. Behind them you can enjoy the magnificent landscape of Seryeom Waterfall, Sadari Byeongchang, Changde Rock and Tugubong Peak.

Also on the top of Birobong are the famous three stone pagodas (10m high). Guryongsa Temple was established by Monk Uisang (625~702) of the Silla Kingdom (BC 57∼AD 935), during the reign of King Munmu. Other attractions include Daewungjeon (Local Tangible Cultural Property No.24), Guryong Waterfall, the Turtle Stone, Tiger Stone and Dragon stone nearby.

For many years, Chiaksan was dotted with numerous temples. However, as time wore on, only Guryongsa Temple along with seven others remain today. At Guryong Valley there is a forest of pine trees that are hundreds of years old. The main ridges of Chiaksan are steep to the west but slope gently in the east.


Popular nearby, compatible sites for a private tour in Gangwondo:

Guryongsa Temple



Bugok-ri, Gangnim-myeon, Hoengseong-gun & Hoekgok-ri, Socho-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do
강원 원주시 소초면 학곡리, 횡성군 강림면 부곡리


Areas Open to the Public 
Sinheung Parking Lot (신흥주차장)~Sadaribyeongchang (사다리병창)~Birobong Peak (비로봉)~Hwanggol three-way intersection (황골삼거리)
Guryongsa Temple (구룡사)~Daegok Camping Site (대곡야영장)
Seongnam Park Ranger’s Office (성남공원지킴터)~Sangwonsa Temple (상원사)~Namdaebong Peak (남대봉)
Geumdae Camping Site (금대야영장)~Sangwonsa Temple (상원사)
Gukhyeongsa Temple (국형사)~Bomunsa Temple (보문사)
Seryeom Falls (세렴폭포)~Gaegok-gil (계곡길)~Biro Three-way Intersection (비로삼거리)
Witwanggol (윗황골)~Ipseokdae (입석대)~Hwanggolneungseon (황골능선)


Admission Fees 
[Cultural asset district]
Adults: Individual: 2,500 won / Group: 2,300 won
Teenagers: Individual: 800 won / Group: 700 won
Children: Individual: 500 won / Group: 400 won

* Group: 30 people or more