Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival Tour

1) Jangboksan Sculpture Park -> 2) Yeojwacheon Stream -> 3) Gyeonghwa Station -> 4) Sokcheonhang Port

Every year, thousand flock to the sleepy port city of Jinhae to view the beautiful cherry blossoms. This itinerary covers some of the festival highlight spots.

The festival us usually held from the end of March to the first week of April. The exact dates vary year to year depending on weather forecasts.


Jangboksan Sculpture Park

Jangboksan Sculpture Park is located in Janboksan Mountain. Taking a stroll in the park while checking out the sculptures with the beautiful backdrop of cherry blossoms everywhere is sure to be a relaxing experience.



Yeojwacheon Stream

Yeojwacheon Stream is perhaps the most well known location for cherry blossoms in Jinhae. Walking along the stream surrounded by cherry blossom trees is an amazing experience. At night, the stream is illuminated giving you a different, but equally beautiful view.



Gyeonghwa Station

Gyeonghwa Station only operates during this festival. The train will roll in slowly along the 800 meter track giving you a perfect opportunity for an Instagram worthy photo.



Sokcheongang Port Fireworks

After soending all day viewing cherry blossoms, the perfect way to cap off the evning is with a fireworks show.

During the festival, there is a fireworks show at Sokchonhang Port. This firework display occurs only 1 night during the festival and the date it is held on varies.