Jeju Food Tour

1) Ojo’s Haenyeo House -> 2) Woljeongri Beach -> 3) Ollae Guksu -> 4) Donsadon

Enjoy some of Jeju’s delicacies in Jeju with this food tour itinerary.



Ojo Haenyeo’s House

Restaurants with “Haenyeo’s House” in the name means it is owned and supplied by Haenyeo Woman Divers. Ojo Haenyeo’s House is one of these restaurants located on the coast near Seongsan Ichulbong Village. The specialty at this restaurant is Abalone Porridge.

Price: 11,000KRW



Woljeongri Beach

After your bowl of porridge, head down to nearby Woljeongri Beach. Woljeongri is a white sand beach with crystal clear blue waters. Take in the beautiful scenery at a cafe on the beachfront.

Suggested Tour duration: 1 to 1.5 hours

Visit our info page for more information about Woljeongri Beach:



Ollae Guksu

Ollae guksu does one thing only and does it well. It makes delicious bowls of pork noodle soup. Pork noodle soup is a clear broth soup with Jeju pork and noodles.

Price: 8,000KRW




Jeju black pork is a prized meat all throughout South Korea. There are many Jeju black pork restaurants in Jeju, but Donsadon stands out as one of the best.

This place is a hot spot for Korean celebrities, includin G-Dragon from Big Bang.

Price: 9,000KRW per 100 grams