With Jeju being an island, there is obviously no shortage of fresh, delicious seafood. Ironically enough, one of Jeju’s most prized foods actually does not come from the sea.

The Jeju Black Pig is native to only Jeju and looks quite different from their mainland counterparts. The Jeju Black Pig is much smaller and has black skin with a smooth coat of hair.

Contrary to popular belief, the meat from this pig is not in fact black. The meat is more red than white, kind of like beef. It’s not as fatty as traditional pork, a little more firm, and has a deep meaty taste.

One of the most popular places on the island to eat Jeju Black Pork is at Jeju Black Pork Street. It is a street lined with restaurants that specialize in Jeju Black Pork.

The supply of this pig is limited, so be prepared to pay a little more than you are used to for traditional pork meat.



Price varies, but expect to pay about 10,000KRW per 100 grams