Tables inside main dining hall area at Hanuso in Insadong.

Hanuso in Insadong serves up the some of the finest cuts of “Hanwoo” beef. Hanwoo is beef that comes from a breed of small cows from Korea. High quality hanwoo is among the most expensive cuts of beef and prized for it’s marbling and taste. If you are craving high quality hanwoo beef, we recommend stopping by the Insadong Branch of Hanuso.

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You can choose from six cuts of delicious different cuts of Hanwoo beef you can grill at your table:. Below are the cuts of meats available with price.


504 Sirloin (dry aged for 504 hours): 36,000KRW (130 grams)

Ribeye: 58,000KRW (130 grams)

Beef Rib: 58,000KRW (250 grams)

Thin Skirt: 58,000 (130 grams)

Soy Marinated Ribs: 42,000KRW (250 grams)

Rib Finger: 34,000KRW (150 grams)



Aside from delicious cuts of meats, Hanuso also serves entrees such as Yukhoe Bibimbap (pictured above) and Galbitang. (beef rib soup) That means if you don’t want to have a full on BBQ meal and want something light, you will have plenty of options at Hanuso. They also have other additional items and set course menus.


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Open everyday from 11:00am to 10:00pm.


Phone Number

Local: 02 739-9990

International: +82 2 739-9990