A temple structure at Bulguksa.

Bulguksa Temple History

Bulguksa Temple is located on the slopes of Mount Toham. It is a head temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism and encompasses seven national treasures of South Korea.

The temple is considered as a masterpiece of the golden age of Buddhist art in the Silla Kingdom. It is currently the head temple of the 11th district of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.

Bulguksa Temple is the representative relic of Gyeongju and because of that, was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995. The beauty and artistry of the temple makes it well known all over the world. In addition, the temple is classified as Historic and Scenic Site No. 1 by the South Korean government.

It was built in 528 under King Beopheung. This was during the Silla Kingdom. The temple was originally called ‘Hwaeom Bulguksa Temple’ or ‘Beopryusa Temple’ and was rebuilt by Kim Dae-Seong from 751 to 774. The temple’s name was changed to Bulguksa upon it’s completion.


Bulguksa Renovations

Bulguksa Temple underwent numerous renovations from the over the years, but was burned down during the Imjin War. Reconstruction started again in 1604  and was renovated about 40 times in total until 1805. After this time, the temple suffered serious damage and was often the target of robbers.

Bulguksa Temple Restoration Committee was formed in 1969 and the rebuild began 1973. Mulseoljeon, Gwaneumjeon, Birojeon, Gyeongru, and Hoerang were all previously destroyed and rebuilt. Daeungjeon, Geungnakjeon, Beomyeongnu and Jahamun were also repaired as part of the restoration.


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