Incheon is the second largest port city in Korea and a major gateway for commercial and cultural exchanges in the later part of the 19th century. It is home to the Incheon International Airport, which has been selected as the world’s best airport for six consecutive years, and also the venue for Korea’s leading Pentaport Rock Festival and Incheon Hallyu Concert. As such, the city is rapidly developing into a city of modern culture. Other top tourist destinations include Wolmido Island and Eurwangni Beach, which is famous for its white sandy beach in the shape of a crescent moon.¬†Located 36km west of Seoul, it is easy to access. Fragments of this history can be seen in Incheon today, particularly in the colorful Chinatown and Open Port areas. The International airport isn’t located in the city itself, but rather on Yeongjongdo, over one hour away by bus.