Mujidori Farm Village

Having a 500-year-old history, Mujidori Village is a traditional village with a small stream by the entrance, seven mountain peaks, and three reservoirs. The village has 155 hectares of farm land, making it the largest of its kind in Goseong-gun.

The village only uses organic farming methods to grow their crops which include turmeric, luffa, chestnuts, beans, buckwheat, etc. Shade trees and rest areas can be found near the reservoirs and by the stream. The village also offers a rural experience through their farm-stay programs, folk games, and other hands-on activities.

Located nearby is Danghangpo Resort, the famous battlefield where Admiral Lee Sun-shin crushed the Japanese navy during the Imjin War (1592–1598). The resort complex includes a family recreational park, a camping site, an amusement park and a leisure-sports facility. The Goseong Dinosaur Museum, which was built next to one of the world’s largest dinosaur footprint fossil sites, is also worth a visit.


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81-9, Naseon-gil, Gaecheon-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
경상남도 고성군 개천면 나선길 81-9 (개천면)


Activity Information 
Kite flying, jegi chagi (Korean hacky sack), yut nori (Korean board game), etc.

[Arts and crafts]
Making a sailboat, making a bird house, making a flower, making a natural hanbang (traditional herbal medicine) soap, making a kite, paper crafts, etc.

[Observation activities]
Observing wild flowers, the constellation

[Farm activites]
Lighting a fire in the furnace, feeding cows and chickens, making doenjang (soybean paste), making gochu-jang (red chili paste), etc.

[Agricultural activities]
Harvesting spring vegetables, growing mushrooms, etc.

[Activities by the stream]
Catching freshwater fish, marsh snails, fishing

※ Hands-on programs are subject to change depending on the season and village conditions.


Admission Fees