Guam Farm Stay Village

Guam Farm Stay Village is located near the city so it is easy to find and is well-equipped with cultural facilities. Nine rocks in the area resemble the back of a turtle so it is referred to as “Guam”. (‘Gu(龜)’ means turtle (geobuk) and ‘Am (岩)’ means rock (bawi)) Farming experiences start from the time when cherry blossom are about to be in full bloom along the road surrounding the foot of Palgongsan Mountain. Visitors can take part in planting various vegetable seeds, thinning out the apple trees, rice reaping, and pulling out beans. The village is abounding in fruits, including apples, grapes, peaches, and chestnuts. Among the many hands-on programs, picking apples and chestnuts has already became famous activities for nearby kindergarten students. To facilitate the farm stay program, Nonghyup operates a weekend farm, where one can grow and taste vegetables such as lettuce and chili.


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38, Guam-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu
대구광역시 동구 구암길 38 (미대동)


N/A (Open year-round)


Activity Information 
[Hands-on activities related to agricultural products]
Spring – Picking wild flowers, herbs, plums, and cherry tomatoes, planting chili seeds, etc.
Summer – Digging potatoes, rice-planting, catching loach, water activity, picking cherry tomatoes
Fall – Eating roasted sweet potatoes, picking sweet persimmons, digging sweet potatoes, picking apples, and gathering chestnuts
Winter – Eating roasted sweet potatoes and chestnuts on a wood fire, roasting nostalgic gukhwa bread, sledding

[Traditional food experience]
Making and eating tofu/kal-guksu/injeolmi/songpyeon/sujebi/kimchi

[Crafts experience]
Making natural soap, dyeing the string of paengi and top-spinning, dyeing with natural ingredients, hanji crafts, pressing flowers, making a yeon (kite), making a munpae (doorplate), etc.

[Permanent experience]
Exploring and feeding at the animal farm (horse, goat, rabbit, and peacock), riding a tractor, riding a bike along the olle-gil, etc.

[Free traditional hands-on programs]
Crushing with a tread mill ⁄ a mortar mill, carrying Korean A-frame, yut-nori (Korean board game), Jegi chagi (Korean hacky sack), tuho nori (arrow throwing)

※ Programs are subject to change depending on conditions.