April means cherry blossoms in Korea. Korea is well known for its long and harsh Winters. April is when the country begins to thaw from its deep freeze. The sun starts to shine and the cherry blossoms in Korea start to bloom. Oh what a most welcome and beautiful sight it is!

The cherry blossoms in Korea start blooming in the southern region of Korea in late March and start blooming in the northern region of Korea in early April. It is a short 2-3 week gap where cherry blossoms are in full bloom in various parts of Korea. Blink and you will miss them. Everything depends on the weather and the blooming schedule varies from year to year.

Two of the best places to see cherry blossoms in Korea are Yeouido Park in Seoul and in Jinhae near Busan. You don’t necessarily have to go to either of these locations to see cherry blossoms in Korea. The trees grow in a variety of places all throughout Korea.

Although cherry blossoms in Korea are wonderful, they aren’t the only reason to visit Korea in April. Korea is filled with all kinds of natural beauty, history, culture, delicious food, and so much more!

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